Is this the end of Roger Federer’s career?

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer shocked the sports public announcement on Tuesday that he will not play until the end of 2016.

Although in a statement announced that he wanted to rest and heal his knee in order to be completely ready for 2017, many speculated that one of the biggest in the history of this sport could be withdrawn.

Federer already has a scheduled tournament in Stuttgart in 2017, it was announced that will design her clothes for the US Open in 2018, but after this year, the question is how much is still left to the end of his career.

During a brilliant career is rarely hurting, most are plagued by back, but this year everything changed. Violation of the knee after the Australian Open, stomach virus, new problems with his back … Federer this year had more injury problems than collectively throughout his career.

This year has played only seven tournaments because of these problems and 2016 will be the first year since 2000 in which he did not win at least one trophy.

The former giant tennis Andrea Agassi believes that Federer to decide when to end his career.

“Federer is Federer. He is unique. MAgical said. May be withdrawn whenever he wants because it will continue to be Federer. Can you make that decision without any pressure, “said former US tennis player.

In early August, will turn 35 years old and maybe the real question is whether it wants to continue to play and when not to be at the top of world tennis.

In any case, one of the biggest tennis career is coming to an end, and the sport will definitely be a lot poorer when Federer finally decides to retire.

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