Olympics games in Barcelona 1992.

XXV Olympics
Barcelona, ​​25 July – 9 August in 1992.
Participants: 9356 (6652 men, 2704 women)
Country: 169
Sports: 32
Events: 286
Games opened by: Juan Carlos I
Oath: Luis Doreste Blanco
Torch lit: Antonio Rebollo

The history of Barcelona, ​​the birthplace of former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch was elected to host the Amsterdam in front of, Belgrade, Birmingham, Brisbane and Paris in Lausanne in 1986. Paraolimpijac Antonio Rebollo lit the Olympic flame with a burning stick. They first appeared in the games professional players, with US Drim Tim and Jordan, Magic, Bird, Barkley and others. South Africa was again at the Games after a 28-year hiatus due to apartheid. Germany was first united in the Games since 1960. After the departure of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from the Soviet Union, the other republics competed under the name “Olympic team”. Under the Olympic flag and competed in Yugoslavia, then under UN sanctions.

Heroes Basketball Dream Team superiorly won the gold. Gymnast Vitaly Šerbo won six gold, four of them in one day. Derartu Tulu of Ethiopia won the 10,000 meters and became the first black African Olympic champion. Fu Mingksija won the diving even though he was only 13 years old. Russian swimmers were dominant in these games, and led the Aleksandar Popov and Yevgeni Sadovji with two gold. Evelyn Ashford is the fourth time to win Olympic gold.

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